Jean-Pierre Lafleur - Music Director

With 40 years as a musician, associate director and director of community bands, in Canada and the U.S., J-P brings passion, commitment and the enjoyment of performance to the BCCB.

A multi-instrumentalist, J-P is an accomplished trumpet player who has played in a variety of band types and styles. He has received several awards and accolades, for his contribution to volunteer community and youth music programs. He has been involved in several music programs and bands in the National Capital Region, and enjoys supporting local high school and local productions, in pit orchestras for musicals.

In addition to leading the BCCB, J-P is a member of the award-winning band The Wailin' Hues, and a member of The Wild Cards Big Band.

Jean-Pierre is grateful to have the opportunity to share his passion with such a group of dedicated musicians. After returning for a shortened season in the spring, due to the pandemic restrictions, J-P is excited to be back for a full season that will include two major concerts at The Les Lye Studio of The Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe. 


Photo by Merritt Decloux